Sempai Kyle Cannon

Kyle Cannon

Sempai Kyle Cannon - shodan (1st dan) Assistant Instructor

I began my Karate training at the tender age 8, but was unfortunately too hyper to stick around beyond my orange belt. I did love it, but wondered what else was out there, and if it were somehow possible to actually become the fifth Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

The next two decades of my life were spent signing up for and sampling various different martial arts, only to return to Karate once again. I really respect the discipline that is required to improve the strength, speed and technique which make Karate so beautiful and efficient. It’s amazing to be a part of something that leaves you continually inspired by your sensei, sempai and fellow karateka alike.

Facts about me

  • I love board sports, particularly snowboarding
  • I really like animals, and they seem to like me too!
  • Whether climbing, hiking, biking or weight training, staying active is a necessity for me
  • I’ve seen way too many 80’s and 90’s action movies

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