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How to tie your belt

Seems like a strange question, but if you’re just starting Karate you are probably asking the question "How do I tie my belt"? Well here’s two methods for you:-

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How to tie your karate belt

Method 1

  1. Start with placing the belt in front of your body in front of your navel, short section of the belt to your right. A couple of inches longer than the length you want the belt to be when it is tied. This end will remain static for most of the belt tying procedure.
  2. Hold one end in place and continue to wrap the belt around you waist a second time, long end around your body.
  3. Place the long end over the short end while holding the sort end in place in the centre of your body.
  4. Now wrap the long end around your body a second time.
  5. Bring the long end towards the centre.
  6. Place the long end of the belt over the short end.
  7. Push the long end under both layers of the belt.
  8. Now position the long end over the short end, (also to the left, from your point of view).
  9. Now grab the short end and move it to the other side (it was on the left, from your point of view).
  10. Move the short end over the long end, we're about to tie a knot.
  11. Pull the long end through the loop you formed in the previous step.
  12. That's pretty much it, we now have the right type of knot!
  13. Now tighten the knot firmly so it doesn't come loose during the training session.

Method 2

  1. Fold the belt exactly in half.
  2. Wrap the middle of the belt around your waist making sure that the belt overlaps itself and does not cross one side over the other.
  3. Fold the left end across your waist and stick the right side under the two layers.
  4. Now fold the left end under the right end, now you should have a tight square.
If you somehow messed up, don't worry! Instructors are forgiving on white belts. If you think not: Start at the beginning. Tips for method number 1 is to start on your right side and have it just a little longer so it will tie even when you are finished with tieing your belt.
These are tips for method 2:
Remember to start with both sides even for method number two.
Wrap around once.
Wrap one end UNDER the already-wrapped-around belt.
Wrap other end around and also tuck from under.
Tie ends in a regular old pretzel knot.