Sempai Chris Ulicki

Chris Ulicki

Sempai Chris Ulicki - shodan (1st dan) Assistant Instructor

I began my karate endeavor when I was 43(!), when my youngest child was old enough to attend, joining my wife Christine and our older son. I had been training for marathons and triathlons for a few years, but karate brought my fitness to a whole new level. I am goal oriented, and I like to approach each class with a new aim, no matter whether it’s big or small. One of my goals was to achieve my Shodan when I was 50 years young – and I did! It’s never too late to give karate a try.

Facts about me

  • I’ve completed triathlons from Sprint to Iron distance
  • I’ve run a full marathon in every Canadian province
  • I go to karate for the fitness, but I stay for the friendships
  • I’m King of dad jokes

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