Sempai Jennifer Crawford

Jennifer Crawford

Sempai Jennifer Crawford - shodan (1st dan) Assistant Instructor

I began training in Regina, Saskatchewan as a young adult after my mom encouraged me to join her. I competed and trained in Saskatchewan for several years before a break, returning to Karate in 2014 at SKC.

I love to train for the physical challenge as well as the mental challenge. Even a hard day can’t stand up to a challenging training session. I encourage all who are interested to begin their journey of Karate.

Facts about me

  • My day job is a Pediatric Psychologist.
  • I've been training in karate for 20 years.
  • I used to run marathons and had the most fun running Disney’s Goofy Race – A ½ marathon followed by a full marathon the next day!
  • I have two kids: ages 10 & 6.